Characters in Scipio Novels: Laelius

Based on readers’ comments, Laelius appears to be the most popular character in the Scipio novels, with the possible exception of Marcus Silenus. He is slim (at least in the first two novels), smooth-muscled, handsome, and devil-may-care.

James Franco

To keep him in mind as I wrote, I visualized him as a slightly more muscular James Franco, the Academy Award nominee of 127 Hours. Franco’s ready but irreverent smile always reminded me of Laelius’ character.

Martin Tessmer is a retired university professor and military training consultant. He is the author of the best selling Scipio Africanus Saga series, which includes Scipio Rising, The Three Generals, Scipio's Dream, Scipio Risen, Scipio Rules, and Scipio's End. The Noble Brute is the first book in his new series about Quintus Fabius Maximus Rullianus.

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